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Scientists and politicians of Netherlands are supporting Ukraine
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NewsOdessa, November 24, 2014

Grigory Pasternak, journalist, social activist, Olga Sterenshis, social activist, told how Ukrainian diaspora in Netherlands is struggling with the Russian propaganda.

Olga Sterenshis told that at the platform Blinibioscoop show documentaries and historical films about the countries of the former Soviet Union, accompanied by lectures and discussions. In this case, there is no analytics, or imposing any conclusions, only the facts, and people draw their own conclusions.

It is important to show and to convey to the Dutch, Ukraine – is a separate country, it is not the Soviet Union and Russia, because for the ordinary Dutch man there is no such difference. In the center and on the Internet portal say that Ukraine has its own characteristics, uniqueness, do not hide that has its own problems, and most importantly – there is a desire to be free.
Embassy – a face of the country. Embassy of Ukraine in Netherlands, according to Grigory Pasternak, does not work well with the public. There are some evidences that it is not only cooperating with the Russian embassy, but even is subject to it.
“I handed it to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko through his page in the Facebook, but, unfortunately, there was no reaction.” – said social activist.
But Russia is working very closely with his former compatriots. It is government policy since 2006, proclaimed by Putin. However, this support is in exchange for complete loyalty to the policy of the Russian leadership. And people buy such trifles as a free trip to St. Petersburg, or participate in the cocktail party at the embassy.
We can assume that in the Netherlands are working paid writers, who create and promote group on social networks, write comments on articles in the press. And although the overall public opinion on the side of Ukraine, the Russian propaganda stamps find their place in the minds of some of the inhabitants.
Speakers noted that the promotion is valid just ordinary people who do not want to think. Educated people, university professors, politicians, all are on the side of Ukraine, they analyze the facts and does not peck on baseless propaganda statements.
Olga Sterenshis gave the example of the recently published in the Dutch press interview with the speaker of the Russian State Duma. Was touched the questions of Ukraine. All the Dutch with whom discussed Olga Sterenshis, called him a clown.
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